First MC Meeting of the Second Grant period

Date: 14.02.2022 16.00-18:00 CET (Naples)
Venue: Zoom
Location: Zoom

The first MC meeting was held via the Zoom platform on February 14th, 2022.  A majority of members was achieved. Action Chair Prof. Giovambattista Capasso talked about what was done in the first grant period, and the ideas of the members were taken for these previous activities. Suggestions and criticisms of all members, especially the group leaders, were listened to reach a consensus on some of the activities planned for the second grant period. Meetings held online under pandemic conditions will now be replaced by in-person meetings, and the next MC meeting date has been determined as of September 2022. The budget required was approved, the to-do list in the MoU was determined and an organizing committee was formed for September 2022. The details will be announced later. We wish health and success to all action members in this new period.

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